Summer Shenanigans

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Summer Shenanigans

Just the other week, the weather fairy proclaimed that summer is now geologically over and one of our favourite seasons is lurking under colourful leaves (can we trust that source?).
Some of us - especially those who live in Vitamin-D sparse countries, like we do - might have already felt a fresh breeze tickling our feet and grabbed our magic 2.5mm needles to get that pair of socks going.
We are slowly preparing for autumn and cannot wait to create new things for you. 

So tell us, what have you guys been up to? Did you enjoy your "Strawnana-chocolateflakes topped with Banana Samba ole"- ice cream in the park, or dared a cheekyskinny dip? (That question is for all of you who ventured to the exotic Eastern parts of Germany of course.)
Have you been somewhere new or gone down memory lane?

All of you who decided to enjoy the comfort of your home - good for you!! There is something very special about putting your feet up and enjoying the tweeting birds through your very own window. 

However wild or easy going your summer was, we hope you enjoyed your "shenanigans" to the fullest.

Marthe and I have been on a few adventures this summer which took us from the amazing POMFEST in London (seriously guys, it was such a delight to be surrounded by super amazing Humans of the crafting world and in an environment where touching each other's jumpers and knitting whilst having conversations is totally acceptable), across the channel to Afro burning heatwaves in Italy (still recovering), interesting looking dances around the campfire, beautiful streets of Slovenia and joyful moments with our families in Bella Germania. 

Between suitcases and train tickets, our knitting needles were never far away because we are convinced that a holiday is not really a holiday without our little project bags.

Summer might seem to be a knitters most dreaded month, especially when you melt under the Mediterranean sun... This might be true but only until you discover alternative yarns.
Working with cotton, linen, T-shirt and Tencel yarns turned summer into a season of exploration and gave us many more ideas for the seasons to come.

Now that we are singing in the rain of la Londre again, Marthe's tea pot has started boiling, which combined with the delicious cakes from across the road, is always a good sign.
We just wanted to send you some sunshine to let you know that we are still dancing in our little Wollgarten and will plant some more seeds for autumn shortly - we are on it like a bonnet.

So stay tuned all you beautiful Lillys, Rose-hips, Orchids, Hydrangeas and Sweet Pea's  
and let's make the coming season super special.


Lots of  Love and sunshine always,

Your Gardeners.