Picnic in May

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Picnic in May

Has it already been 2 months since we've said hello to our Wollgarten shop?
WOW- How have you been, have you been enjoying the spring so far?
Time seems to fly so high whenever you get tangled up in ideas, heat waves in London and homemade cookies wrapped in wool delight surprises, at the arrivals of Heathrow terminal 2.

So what has been happening, what are the plans, you may wonder?
As some of you awesome knitting bees might have already seen on our page, we are currently planning our  first ever "knitting in the park" meet up, which will consist of wool, heavenly goodies , more wool and of course Prosecco.- imaginary confetti is flying at this very moment - hooray.

Building and being part of a supportive community was always at the centre of our "Wollgarten" heart, so we thought between a rainy afternoon and a train ride to Camden town: Why not have a little picnic in the beautiful Regents park to meet and laugh with people to share some good ol' tales, advise on new knitting discoveries and perhaps enjoy a delicious cupcake or two?
It will give all of us the opportunity to get to know each other, and ask/answer any questions, be it "why do I have more stitches on my needle in round 5?", "what the heck are safety lines" and "how do I contain my disappointment when I realise that MB doesn't actually mean 'Make Brownies?' "
We will also share more about us and what our future plans hold whilst absorbing your precious suggestions and ideas you might want to add to our garden. #Because we love a colourful garden
Anyone is welcome, so don't be shy-bring your knitting needles, loved ones, yarn, your favourite snacks and join us, it will be fun!! If you never held a knitting needle before and would like to learn, do let us know, so we can wrap you into the ultimate knitting discovery adventure- EXCITING!!
Now, for all the realistic people amongst us, we know that sunny afternoons might not be the first thing that jump to mind when thinking of London town but hope shall prevail! In the rather likely(we have to admit it) event of rain we will either bring a massive tent (joking! maybe?) or find a cosy shelter nearby, which- depending on who wants to join us-will be determined nearer the time.

So send us a message to let us know, if you would like to join us so we can count you - lovely person - in and give you all the details plus a phone number of us.

We will meet at Regents Park Underground station on the 20th of May 2017 at 14:00 and make our way from there.
So remember our faces, don't be shy and join the creative fun!

If you haven't already done so, you are also more than welcome to pop by our new Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/WollGartenTreasures/
There are new treasures on the way, which you don't want to miss. Yaay.

We cannot wait to meet you!

Lots of sunshine and Love always,
your Gardeners