Shop opening on April 10th

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Shop opening on April 10th

"Vom Eise befreit sind Strom und Bäche durch des Frühlings holden belebenden Blick"...

Not only Johann Wolfgang von Goethe noticed the change of mood and the light breeze of sunshine in the air.
Once the long gray days are replaced by tweeting birds, colourful blossoms and a sense of hope for the new the chronic Winter depression seems to be gone and forgotten- how wonderful. 

February and March have been quite stirring months for us, not only because those were the months we were  both born in (Champagne for everyone, hip hip hooray) but also the months in which we created our very first collection and uww lala what a process it was.
We realised that it can be quite difficult to decide what you can actually offer and what you are capable of making in between all the craziness of life. 
Our original plan was to open our shop at the beginning of March, but then there was ice cream, a new born baby and The Beauty and the Beast... you get the picture!
Those "belebende" or in good ol' English "lively" months were the months that made us wish for just one thing: to add some more hours to the day. Now we all know that this is not possible, unless you live in Neverland. Sadly that's not where we are yet, so we had to accept the fact, have a cuppa and breathe. All beginnings are small and don't always go to plan. Sometimes you just gotta knock the nail on the head and say to yourself "heads up buttercup". So instead of worrying that what we have, might not be enough for the "grand" opening we decided to go with the flow and believe that whatever is heartfelt has the sun shine all over it! We hope you will agree.

So here are some or our finished works which range from cute little embroidered Easter tree hangers, knitted and flower embroidered wrist warmers, to beautifully designed Headbands to warm your ears (which you will soon be able to recreate yourself, as the pattern designed by Marthe, shall be available as soon as it has been test knitted) and crochet coasters, which would complete your spring décor next to our lovely handmade lavender bags - don't you think?

Our Wollgarten will be open on Etsy from the 10th of April, just in time for a special little something for that Easter egg hunt? Come and have a look, we warmly invite you and hope you enjoy our little collection, truly inspired by spring!
If there is anything in particular that you would like and cannot yet see in our shop give us a nudge.
We are always more than happy to receive suggestions and might also be able to create something especially for you! Just message us all the details and we will get back to you as soon as we can, to let you know what we can do for you.

Now now all you pretty flowers enjoy the blue sky and smile like the sun. 

Love always from your gardeners