The Sound of our knitting voice

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The sound of our knitting voice 

Did you know that bees find bluebells so irresistible that you might find them dancing Lambada out of utter joy when they see them? Could there possibly be a better reason to smile, swing your scarves and tap to the fresh breeze of the new exciting season we call SPRING?- We think not.

It was almost 6 months ago, in a very cosy living room somewhere between a cup of cinnamon tea and 2 slipped off stitch markers (it was clearly not the best day for knitting socks) that we decided to start our little fabulous adventure.
After contemplating the pros and cons we came to the agreement that there weren’t actually any negatives which could possibly threaten our brilliant idea of turning our passion into a profession.
Our notepads were fed with ideas and sketches – some pretty, others rather interesting- which finally came to life through the hands of some very experienced hands and a lot of patience. (Who would have thought that choosing a colour scheme could be a make it or break it decision- flipping heck!)
A few amendments here and the defeat of a pink invasion of horrendousness there et Voila our Wollgarten was born.

We decided to launch our first collection in March as it kinda made sense with our “go with the Season- and flow with the sun idea”. Inspirations kept popping up on strolls in the beloved Hampstead Heath, Crocus surprises between Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire and the ever growing Daffodils which seem to turn the greyest of corners into a ray of sun-kisses topped with smiles and fairydust (and who doesn’t like fairy dust?).
Our needles were clicking and sometimes even ticking , which we realised after the occasional: “ its time for bed”-chant from the other room, which only kept our fingers still for a while but clapped to the sound of our inner knitting voice.
Now you might wonder, what in the world is a knitting voice?

Have you ever felt so passionate about something that you were trying to find inspiration wherever you went or dreamt about different possible ways to achieve something you have seen somewhere or wished that there was more hours in a day to fit in the socks, the jumper, multi-coloured bubble hat and the cupcake?-well there is ALWAYS time for a cupcake we have you know.

This inner knitting voice will practically keep you awake until you have tangled yourself into a soft dream of alpaca extravaganza, uwww and don’t we just love that?
Now this knitting voice was so loud that we could either drown it in cupcakes (yes! Again!) or just go for it.
This time we decided to shake it up and follow the string, beyond our doubts and expertise which range from here to there.
They have said it before and we will say it again: “It is the journey that counts” and, might we humbly add, the people you meet on the way. Wandering through your garden, standing still and enjoying the creative process of bringing a thought to life whilst exchanging ideas, kindness, patience and joy  is what it is all about and remember it was Tolkien who said "Not all those who wander are lost" and how could you not believe someone who created Middle-earth? 
Lots of sunshine and Love to you singing and diligent knitting-bees.

ENJOY SPRING, Your Gardeners.