Local • Handmade • Full of Love


Our Story

It all began 16 years ago when our paths crossed on a small farm in a little village in Thüringen. After a few adventures which included, snail infested trousers, singing nightingales and campfire potatoes we became pen pals and from then on spent our summers together in Marthe's family home.
We went separate ways when we finished school and took on new challenges which brought us to different countries and places.
After almost losing contact completely we coincidentally met again in the vibrant city of  London where the love of knitting brought us together again.
It is here where we knit, spin, sew, weave, embroider and enjoy a cup of tea in the unexpected weather and ever changing seasons. 


Favourite Season:

Summer. The sun is my dearest friend. 

What are you really terrible at?

Maths. It's a horror to me to think about logic and numbers.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A witch, surrounded by glasses of gathered herbs and blossoms for tea and tinctures.


Favourite Season:

Definitely Spring. Birds dance and blossoms smile again. Yay!

What are you really terrible at?

Walking in a straight line (it’s not the wine folks, I daydream!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It has to be a fairy in the woods, preferably in Neverland or Chorleywood.

What is close to our heart

We are so excited that you sneaked by and hope you will feel warmly welcomed and inspired.

We are two ladies who have their roots in the formerly known East Germany, where  bananas were as rare as Vitamin D in London town. 
It is perhaps the mixture of growing up in these humble post-cold war conditions and the passion of both our nans, which sparked the love for everything, home and self-made in us. 
We value our heritage but also enjoy embracing the new and exciting (why else move to London?).
 Apart from creating, we love to build and be part of a community in which diversity unites people and the nature around us.
 If we are truthfully honest, what could possibly be more inspiring and unbelievably exciting than the world around us? 
We needn’t even look too far to find treasures of the earth, which is why we believe sourcing and creating pieces with local wool can be as exciting as a boat trip across the seven seas whilst balancing a cactus on your head- well almost...
 Anything we make is filled with sunshine, loving thoughts and care which will hopefully translate into an inviting welcome to join us and plant some beautiful flowers in our little Wollgarten.

Lots of sunshine and Love, always.

Our Vision

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere” - Vincent van Gogh

Our hope is to serve you some hot chocolate and home grown herbal tea to accompany the singing of your knitting, crochet or sewing needles while we share experiences, laughter and spin some organically sourced wool in a cosy shop somewhere between lavender fields and Magnolia trees.
In the meantime, we would love to create a community in which everyone feels at home and free to express themselves in their own individual way. There will be picnics in the park, little workshops to learn, refresh or even share your skills and nice walks along rivers with your newest acquired skein of beautiful yarn, in your project bag. COME and JOIN US to some wool sparkle with blossom dust ole! (There might be cupcakes too you never know) You will find any updates in our EVENTS section but you are also more than welcome to contact us directly. 

Get in contact

If you feel like you’ve lost your thread, the knitting abbreviations “MC” means nothing to you apart from a nice burger (not that there is anything wrong with it!) or you feel like sharing, we would love, love, love to hear from you. Please rest assured, that we will read every single email and try our very best to respond as soon as we possibly can.